World KC Day TikTok Challenge!

What is the challenge?

In anticipation of World KC Day on November 10th, the National Keratoconus Foundation (NKCF) would like to invite you to participate in a video competition to help Spread the Word! We will be utilizing the app TikTok.

To participate, make a video on TikTok that falls under one of the following categories:

  • Spread awareness of KC
    • i.e. make a video explaining what KC is!
  • Provide a tip for management
    • i.e. show how to put scleral lenses in!
  • Show what it is like to have KC
    • share your story with KC!

Guidelines for Participation:

  • You must be 18+ years old or have a parent/guardian’s permission to participate
  • You must consent to allow NKCF to re-post your video to our newsletter, websites, and social media accounts 
  • You must have a public TikTok account
  • Your video must fall within the categories listed previously
  • Do not use any explicit or inappropriate language
  • Do not perform any explicit or inappropriate behaviors
  • You must use the designated song for your video (can be found on our TikTok page @nkcforg or by clicking this link)
  • You must tag @nkcforg and use the hashtags #WorldKCDay #NKCF in the description of your video
  • You must fill out the application form & paste the link to your video in the form

Watch our example TikTok Here!

On November 11th, we will be selecting winners to feature in our upcoming newsletter, on our websites (, and we will be reposting the videos to our TikTokInstagram, and Facebook pages.

We want this challenge to be educational and informative, but also exciting and creative! Have fun with your video, and remember that the goal is to raise awareness about KC.

Thanks for being apart of the movement!